Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Insight Terminal Solutions Oakland - What Is ITC, And What's OBOT?

Insight Terminal Solutions Oakland. What is is?
A "frequently asked questions page at Oakland News Now has the answer and here's the website: http://insightterminals.com/. Here's part of that Oakland News Now Insight Terminal Solutions page:
What is Insight Terminal Solutions? Insight Terminal Solutions (website) is a Louisville, Kentucky and Oakland, California-based company that consists of experienced professionals in maritime transportation and operations as well as trade and logistics.

Insight Terminal Solutions is committed to operating the world’s most innovative, efficient and environmentally sustainable multiple bulk commodities marine terminals in the World. The organization called Insight Terminal Solutions seeks to promote economic development in the communities in which it operates, while maximizing workplace safety, terminal volume throughput and customer satisfaction.

Who runs Insight Terminal Solutions?

Insight Terminal Solutions Ceo John Siegel Biography Insight Terminal Solutions Ceo John Siegel Biography ITS’ leadership team includes John J. Siegel, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, and James. J. (Jim) Wolff, Chief Operating Officer. John Siegel has over 30 years of experience as a founder, owner and operator of vertically integrated coal mining, sales and related companies.

As stated in the posted biography here at Oakland News Now, Siegel was the founder, Executive Chairman and CEO of Bowie Resource Partners, LLC , a firm formed in 2013, between Mr. Siegel and a subsidiary of Trafigura, AG (one of the largest commodities traders in the world).

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  1. And Insight Terminal Solutions and the Oakland Bulk and Oversized Terminal have been the focus of media lies. Read more here: https://oaklandnewsnow.com/2019/10/23/insight-terminal-solutions-vlog-oakland-coal-ban-not-fought-by-black-leaders-racist-media-wrong/